Helping Clients Meet Their Legal Goals One Step At A Time

Creating And Administering Estate Plans Across Illinois

Talking about a death is always difficult, whether you are discussing a loved one’s passing or your own. A proper estate plan and the right administrative knowledge can reduce some of that difficulty and help you find solace in one of life’s most difficult moments. These are the moments when legal service must come with compassion and consideration.

When you step into Beal Pratt & Pratt, you work with attorney Jane Hartley Pratt. She wants you to feel confident that she understands your needs and concerns. She has over 60 years of experience with estate planning and other legal issues and can address your concerns with care and knowledge. Call her firm, Beal Pratt & Pratt, at 309-518-0438 for an appointment.

Take Estate Issues One Step At A Time

Estate planning and administration require a lot of attention to detail, an intimate look at your estate and a thorough understanding of your goals and the personal elements at play in your life. Attorney Jane addresses your concerns in matters of:

  • Estate evaluation, including valuations of your real estate assets and investments
  • Estate planning, including will drafting and establishing trustees
  • Probate and intestacy issues
  • Supporting executors during estate administration

The topic is ripe with questions, like is your will going to do what you want? Have you considered your full estate? Will your plan avoid probate, and will it be fair? Attorney Jane can help resolve these questions and reduce stress in your life.

Preparing Today So You Can Relax Tomorrow

At her Monmouth office, attorney Jane takes the burden off your shoulders. She addresses the legal questions about estate planning and administration so that your loved ones have peace of mind and so that executors and heirs get clarity. Speak with her about your estate planning or estate administration needs. Call 309-518-0438 or send her an email to get started.