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Real Estate Solutions For Real People

When you are selling, purchasing or developing property, it pays to work with someone who knows the local market. You can walk into negotiations or disputes feeling confident that you know the complete range of your options, both from a business and a legal perspective. If you are purchasing a home, you know that you will get a fair deal at Beal Pratt & Pratt.

Attorney Jane Hartley Pratt is a 60-year veteran of the Illinois legal industry with experience spanning the full range of real estate law from initial purchases and title issues to estate planning for real estate owners. She applies a meticulous eye and a personalized approach to every case. Find out more about how she can support your real estate needs at your first appointment.

How Can Attorney Jane Help You Achieve Your Real Estate Dreams?

Throughout your real estate ventures, attorney Jane works with you to ensure you get a full range of lasting strategies that resolve and even preempt problems related to:

  • Purchase and sales agreements and statements of intent
  • Title issues, including issues with past title changes or historical boundaries
  • Land use issues
  • Development planning
  • Real estate valuation assistance

A mistake in real estate can affect your land for decades; this is the time to pay attention to the details. Attorney Jane will prepare your case in a way that sets you up for success both today and in the future.

Sit Down At Beal Pratt & Pratt

You are welcome at the firm’s office in Monmouth for your first appointment. Attorney Jane can sit down, discuss your needs and make a strong, personally tailored action plan. Reach her today by calling 309-518-0438 or by sending her an email.